How to Dominate South African Search Results

I was buggering around in SearchMetrics looking at the visibility graph of a potential client. I added some competitors only to see that one of them was completely dominating the search results for various keywords in their industry.

Search Metrics Visibility graph

In the above screenshot “Mr Green” is completely killing it over his competitors!

How it’s done

There are two ways you can do this well within the South African search landscape for any industry:

  1. Create a really good + technically correct website that ticks all the boxes of my pre-build SEO checklist. Create wonderfully useful + valuable content and promote the crap out of the site + its content by telling people about it
  2. Build a 65 site (that I bothered to hunt down, there’s probably more) link network on industry specific domains with spun content and keyword stuff the bajeezers out of every page with exact match anchor text to the main website being ranked (oh, and also sprinkle in some links to the other sites in the network).

Number 2 works like a charm because that’s exactly what Mr Green did to dominate this industry.

It shouldn’t work according to Google, but since Mr Green has been blazing ahead of his competitors since the end of July 2015 I have a feeling that the Googles hasn’t noticed.

I’m impressed!

I’m actually impressed at this SEO tactic because it goes against everything we’re told to do by Google, but the results speak for themselves.

The particular site utilising this strategy has some of the poorest technical SEO I’ve ever seen for a site with so much visibility, just check out their Google Page Speed test results:
Google page speed results

So, from Google’s point of view the spammy link network strategy trumps the horrendous technical SEO issues?

This is NOT an easy thing to pull off, the cost of hosting 65 domains + creating the websites alone is enough to make me want to toss this strategy in the bin.


You make it reeeeaaally hard for me to sell ethical SEO Google, you are drunk!


Recently I decided to revisit this site and see how they were performing using their black-hat shenanigans. I’m please to announce that the site has seen a 44% drop in organic visibility since the roll out of Penguin 4.0 which specifically targets sites that utilise such link spam tactics.
Searchmetrics graph
I predict that this drop in visibility will only continue. Stick to making website’s awesome peeps, black-hat doesn’t last.

Questions? Pop me an email and I’ll answer them.

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